Manufacturer: ROBERTS | Model: CR9971
  • Size (mm): 178W x 51H x 144D
  • Auto Time Set
  • Automatic Summer/Winter Time
  • Dual Alarm with Weekday/Weekend Options
  • Automatic Date Setting
  • Wavebands: MW/FM
  • Auto Dimmer
  • Adjustable Sleep Timer
  • Sleep/Snooze Functions
  • Low Battery and PM Indicators
  • Battery Back-Up

Roberts CR9971 Clock Radio has a back-up batter in case of a power cut so you could always rely on it to wake you up in time! The CR9971 has a neat and universal look that will be suitable for any bedroom.

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Clock Buzz alarm Yes
Radio alarm Yes
Content Type Alarm clock radio with instant time set
Functionalities Extra functions Automatic instant time set and adjustment of summer/winter time, Dual alarm with weekday/weekend options, Automatic date setting, MW/FM wavebands, Automatic dimmer, Alarm on, low battery and PM indicators
Snooze control Yes
Product information Dimensions L/D145mm x W175mm x H60mm
Weight 587g
Tuner Analog tuner Yes
Frequency Hz